Here at RF Insurance, our national insurance plans focus on the best price performance possible, while keeping our customers in control of their policy from start to finish. We offer quick and easy issue policy coverages from nationwide insurance carriers for premiums between $250 and $5,000 through our broad reach programs. For those of you who live in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado we offer excellent regional insurance coverages.

Best Pricing & Broadest Coverage

When we compare insurance plans across the market, we don’t just look for the cheapest policies, we take in the metrics that are important for your company to thrive. Because we deal direct with the carriers, we can offer better pricing for the coverages available. We are able to complete these policies quickly because of our broad reach program. We operate throughout the US (with the exception of Florida, Hawaii, and Alaska).

We hire only tech-savvy insurance specialists with over 10 years of tech experience for our online platform’s support and our customer service. We understand not only the insurance end of your needs, and we can also match your operations and business model with the right cyber liability policy. We speak a variety of IT and tech lingo and are able to fully understand your needs.

From tech to retail and auto to life, we offer a range of insurances for our clients. We specialize in small business, auto, and life insurances. When it comes to finding the insurance for you and your business, we take a comprehensive and targeted approach to meeting your insurance needs where they are.

Small Business Insurances

Cyber Liability Insurance

Every business that works with client data, like credit cards, needs at least limited cyber insurance to protect themselves in ways general liability insurance doesn’t. When it comes to covering our IT, Tech, SaaS, and e-commerce clients, we offer plans ranging from cyber E&O to corporate espionage, data breach response, and more. Our insurance specialists have over a decade of tech experience and are tech savvy enough to better understand your exact coverage needs and calculate the best plan possible to help you stay covered. The world of online business is huge and fraught with a range of apparent risks and dangers. One in four businesses suffer from information breaches that can compromise their reputation, clients, partners, and cost millions.

Since the advent of the internet and data related marketing, there has been a growing underground industry for stealing and selling valuable digital information from companies. On top of this, foreign governments often sponsor campaigns to steal industry secrets from manufacturing and more. Billions are lost annually to hacking, phishing, network breaches, and a number of other issues that affect not simply tech companies but also hotels, hospitals, e-commerce, manufacturing, and even day-to-day retail stores. Anyone that has access to a client’s bank account or information, even if through a third party, is in danger of claims and massive amounts of collateral damage. With cyber insurance, we cover the costs, expenses, and collateral damage to you and your clients, saving you potential millions. Not kidding. And if you think you’re already covered from general business losses through your GL insurance, your general liability insurance does not cover the same area as cyber insurance—even in E&O coverage.To learn more check out our Cyber Liability Insurance page.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability (GL) Insurance is the first line of coverage that every single business should have. This insurance covers third party claims from people who are not employees. This includes bodily injury or property you damage that occurs at your business’ location or because of company operations, along with libel, slander, or trademark infringement. If your business gets sued in any of the areas covered, GL insurance covers legal costs and business damages. It is important to remember that libel and slander online are not covered by Gl Insurance. For companies with an online marketing presence, we suggest you look into a cyber liability insurance addition to your policy. We offer a range of GL insurance policies at incredibly competitive rates through our carriers.

Property Insurance

Property Insurance is oftentimes paired with our general liability insurance for a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) or with other coverage areas in one of our commercial packages. These are best suited for small businesses with more coverage needs than the average company. Property taxes cover the physical wellbeing of the area in which you operate, whether you rent, lease, or own. This covers the costs of theft, vandalism, natural occurrences, plus wages and business lost when closed from said third party property damage. Rates vary depending on the location of your workplace, with differing state and regional insurance laws.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance covers costs when an employee suffers an injury or illnesses due to work. Known more commonly as “workers’ comp”, this insurance is legally required for a company in most states. The insurance pays for damages in the form of medical and recovery expenses, replacement wages for the injured or ill employee, dependent support payments, funeral costs for fatal occupational injuries, and the legal costs of being sued over work injuries or illnesses. Even if you do not have an employee, you can cover your own health as a small business owner for those rare but expensive occurrences.

Business Fleet Insurance

We offer a range of coverages and premiums for our business fleet insurance deals and packages through our carriers. Fleet auto insurance differs from individual auto insurance. State laws treat fleet insurance as different from personal auto insurance companies. In fleet insurance, there is no person who owns the policy, instead it is a company, whether that is a sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation. That said, individual drivers must still be put on the policy. A comprehensive individual auto insurance policy would usually cover the loss of valuables from the vehicle. However, in fleet insurance, no such addition is possible due to the potential extreme value of the item. For a small business owner, fleet insurance can consist of even a single vehicle if used for business. We offer comparison of coverages across our business fleet insurance carriers.

Small-Business Life Insurance

For many, life insurance is thought of as only a necessity to cover your family in the event of your death. For many small business owners, their death would destroy or severely damage their business. Life insurance policies can also be used to cover any loans that depend on family assets or collateral, paying back the family loan, or saving them from the backlash of having to take responsibility of your finances. Further, we cover issues of business continuation, key employee coverage (to ensure the death of a key employee affects your business as little as possible), group life insurance, and more.


What kind of insurance does my small business need?

Any business that exists needs insurance to protect itself from a wide variety of potential claim types. Even if your company doesn’t have employees or operate widely, general liability insurance, workman’s compensation insurance, and property insurance are the very basic necessities. For most other businesses, there is a range of possible insurances that your business may need while in operation. Which insurances are needed depends on the operational needs of your business.

Tech/IT Insurances

We specialize in business insurance for tech and IT where industry concerns demand more than simple GL insurance. When your industry touches as much data as many SaaS and IT firms do, it’s important to both cover your product’s capabilities and potential security issues, but also, the fallout of an unforeseen breach—many of which cost in the millions of dollars. Our cyber liability insurance is designed to stay affordable while providing effective coverage for potential disasters. IT companies that work with hardware may also need to maintain a fleet of vehicles to move technicians and hardware for installations or maintenance. At this point, business vehicle insurance is suggested. Get a quote now to see how we can serve you.

Manufacturing Insurances

Manufacturing is far safer these days than before, but still, accidents happen. Your manufacturing company needs general liability insurance, property insurance, and workman’s compensation insurance. If anyone in the company works using sensitive data, it’s suggested that you get at least limited cyber coverage for data breaches. Unfortunately, this time of increased connectivity and unprecedented access to information also means increased risks. Manufacturing companies are oftentimes targets for not simply product liability lawsuits, but also corporate espionage. Businesses and foreign governments go to great lengths to steal intellectual property from competitors and cutting-edge manufacturing. It sounds far-fetched, but corporate espionage costs an estimated $450 billion on the low end. Get a quote today to see how we can help you

E-commerce Insurances

E-commerce is one of the most booming sectors of business. With the ability to reach the majority of the world’s population through the internet, businesses in this sector can be quite lucrative. Even more impressive, small businesses can effectively compete with a number of multinational corporations to edge into the market and be competitive. These small e-commerce businesses are one of the most prayed upon industries when it comes to cyber security risks, as they rarely have professional levels of security but can access the financial data of thousands. Every e-commerce business must stay PCI compliant while having to protect the significant potential value of customer data. One out of four businesses are attacked every year, and 90% of businesses are affected by data breaches. With the growing number of e-commerce businesses each year, they have increasingly become targets for hackers. Learn more on our cyber security page. To get a quote on any of our insurance offerings, click here.

Retail Insurances

When working in retail, hotels, or restaurants, it’s clear that you need iron-clad GL insurance, workman’s comp, and property insurance. Accidents and acts of nature can seriously threaten your financial well being. One slip while on the job or the violation of a health code can cost a business hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. What many do not know is that coverage for potential data breaches is also important. As businesses become more connected to data, the risk of data breaches, corruption, or theft become increasingly dangerous. Not only this, PCI compliance is critical and a failure or even presumed failure can cost your business thousands to millions of dollars in legal fees. To learn more, check out our page on cyber insurance. We bundle all of our services into comprehensive packages that are designed to get you the absolute best prices with our comparative mapping and special deals. Get an insurance quote today.

Our National Business Insurance Advantage

Our national business insurance services are designed to meet your needs regardless of where you are at. Whether you’re just looking for GL insurance or the whole gambit covering general liability, property, workers, potential data breaches, corporate espionage, and more. We have you absolutely covered and are excited to get you the best insurance deals for your business. If you have any questions, or would like to request a free quote, please click below to reach our contact page.