Life is rarely as simple as we want it to be, and at times, things happen. That can be a fender bender, or a rollover with a company truck. Or a cold snap bursts a pipe and floods your warehouse. A disgruntled employee takes your company information or destroys valuable data. A hacker finds a backdoor in your software and steals payment information. None of us want these things to happen, but they do happen. Taking steps to be safe can avoid the majority of the issues, but there are always variables and issues that are out of our control. This is why we offer quick and easy issue policy coverages, and why our ever-expanding regional insurance coverages are constantly striving to be as cost effective and thorough as possible.

We offer state and regional insurances for California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado while covering a wide range of liability areas. We offer the same nationwide insurance coverages (except for Alaska, Hawaii, and Florida) which include auto insurance, life insurance, property insurance, and others. On top of our excellent nationwide insurance offers, we have a range of regional insurances that cover areas that we are unable to on a national level.

Best Pricing and Broadest Coverage

We beat out our competition through a unique system that employs a series of strong carrier partnerships that we have developed with other insurance companies. We can compare between hundreds of policies for the best plans and get you on them at rates below the going market. As an independent insurance broker, this is the advantage that you get. We have no reason to point you towards any policy besides the policy that best suits you. The best regional business insurance at the most affordable rate.

Small Business Insurances

One of our primary focuses is making sure that small businesses are well protected and ready to weather whatever the market can throw at them. Being prepared ahead of unforeseen events is key to any small business’ success.

Cyber Liability Insurance

This is one of the fastest growing areas in insurance for a reason. Cyber insurance coverage is incredibly underrated for small businesses. 62% of cyber-breaches occur from small and mid-size businesses and the average cost of a breach runs over $20,000. This is a lot for a startup or e-commerce business, but really any business is at risk from data breaches or different hacking types. Many of these breaches occur simply from retail locations that collect client information. Even if they use a third party platform to handle the transactions, they can be liable for damages from a breach if they aren’t found to be PCI compliant.

Cyber insurance is a broad term. We have different plans for different industries, and even those are case by case and depend heavily on your business model and product values. Most companies will simply want general cyber liability coverage, but when it comes to IT, Tech, SaaS, and E-commerce clients, we offer a range of plans that cover cyber E&O, corporate espionage, data breach, and even third party damages and potential court costs. If you have an online media presence getting at least E&O cyber insurance is critical. General E&O insurance does not cover online libel and slander.

General Liability Insurance

This is the first line of defense for most businesses along with workers’ compensation insurance and property insurance where applicable. General Liability (GL) Insurance covers claims from non-employees that suffer incidents on your property or due to your companies’ operations, including continental claims of libel and slander. If your business gets sued in any of these areas, GL insurance will cover third party damages, legal costs, and business damages. Remember that GL insurance’s libel and slander coverage does not apply to occurances online, meaning that oftentimes elements of cyber insurance plans are included in a general business insurance package. We compare a wide range of carrier plans for GL insurance policies for our clients in order to tailor the most cost effective plan at discount rates, that cannot be found elsewhere.

Property Insurance

Our regional insurance packages can also cover property insurance. Property insurance plans are perfect for small businesses and cover the physical well being of your property, rented space, or leased space. It protects you against the costs of vandalism, theft, natural occurrences, and the wages and costs the business lost while closed. Rates for these plans vary by property value, business type, and state and regional insurance laws, but we are able to quickly create a range of options for your workplace.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Our regional workers’ compensation insurance is considered one of the big four insurances that every business needs. Known more commonly as workers comp, this insurance covers employee injuries or illnesses that occur while on the job. In many states, workers’ comp is legally required for a company to carry. Workers’ compensation insurance covers any medical and recovery costs, replacement wages for the injured or ill employee, dependant support payments, funeral costs for fatal accidents or illnesses, and the legal costs of any litigation are covered. Even if a business does not have any employees workers’ compensation, insurance can cover just the owner. By partnering with our affiliate carriers we can provide your company with effective workers’ compensation insurance for the most affordable rate.

Business Fleet Insurance

When small businesses need vehicles to travel short distances in order to operate or fulfill their services, it’s important to make sure that the vehicles and drivers you have on staff are insured at affordable rates. Regional or state vehicle fleet insurance differs significantly from individual vehicle insurance in that there is no one owner. Instead, the insurance is owned by the legal business entity. Individual drivers must still be on the policy which will change costs to a degree. Further, policy options such as covering the loss of valuables in the vehicle, are unfortunately not possible to collect due to the potential immense costs of items, such as hard drives with sensitive information, payroll information, etc. When we compare across our partner carrier’s various fleet insurance policies, we aim to get you the best insurance for the lowest cost, tailor-made for your needs.

Small-Business Life Insurance

Life insurance is most often thought of as a necessary individual coverage. Yet, this coverage is also important for small business owners and key workers. For small business owners, a lack of life insurance can mean disaster for your company and family in the event of your passing. Life insurance policies can be used to cover the repayment of loans that depended on family assets or collateral to acquire. This prevents the bereaving family from having to take on the full weight of the debt. In addition, other life insurance policy options for small business owners can be expanded to key employee coverage that covers the expenses and damages to your business that the death of a key employee may have. Through our carrier’s life insurance business policies, we provide you with excellent coverage that gives your company the best business coverage for the most affordable cost

Directors and Officers Insurance

Particularly for our regional insurance, we offer directors and officers insurance for our business clients. Directors and officers liability insurance, also known as simply D&O insurance, covers directors and officers of a company from the damages and costs of defending against an organization’s board and officers. This can include any type of business and nonprofit entities. As small businesses expand, this type of insurance becomes a key element to attracting and retaining qualified board members and officers. We offer many of the best director and officer liability insurance policies through our services by comparing them with hundreds of policies to find the very best policy to fit your needs.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and omissions insurance, also known as professional indemnity insurance or professional liability insurance, is a type of liability insurance that covers legal costs and potential damages of defending an individual or business against claims of negligence, misrepresentation, violation of good faith and fair dealing, and inaccurate advice from a service or product. This type of insurance is very common among lawyers, doctors, electricians, plumbers, and any other service providing business. Names for this type of insurance may differ from profession to profession. Errors and omissions insurance goes beyond the scope of general liability insurance.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment practices liability insurance or EPL insurance protects an employer from claims of wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, failure to promote, and other related issues. Small businesses are typically the most vulnerable to these types of claims, as they usually lack a legal branch and an employee handbook that outlines company policy for hiring, disciplining, or the termination of an employee. As a company grows, their EPL insurance typically grows with them in order to cover any and all potential claims.

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance is one of the more important insurance types to have for small businesses that sell goods. This can range from food products to clothes, technology, and more. Product insurance provides a small business with the ability to cover the costs and damages from lawsuits and the resulting collateral damage, even if a product is used incorrectly. When a successful lawsuit occurs, your business will have to pay for the damages. These costs can be exorbitant and average in the millions of dollars. When your business uses RF Insurance, we are able to look at your exact case and needs to help you determine what types of insurance options are best for you. By going through our partner carriers, we are able to get you the best insurance coverage at market prices.


Businesses in Need of Regional Insurance

Here at RF Insurance we know how important regional national insurance is for small businesses. Although many of our regional coverage options overlap into national coverages, regional insurance remains an important part of businesses that we serve in Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. When just starting a small business, it is important to understand the potential insurance needs of your business.


Tech and IT small businesses are our particular specialty. We hire only tech savvy insurance specialists with 10 plus years of tech industry and insurance experience. That way, when you come to us for your insurance coverages we can speak enough tech to understand what your needs and concerns are. Using this we can use our partnered comparative services to find the exact plans that you need so that you’re paying the minimum for maximum coverage. Our services average 50-70% less for similar coverage by going direct to the insurance carriers. But not all tech and IT insurance is the same. Different services provided will need different insurances.

Saas and Big Data need thorough coverage to protect the immense amount of client data they have and work with. At this level, a mistake or breach that jeopardizes client data can send million dollar shockwaves through a company in legal fees, damages, and loss of business or reputation.

Producers of data recording or networked devices (IoT producers) are a hotspot for hacking and security penetration attempts. If your device is found to have security issues that open up your clients to potential data breaches, your company could be liable for the damages and costs of them and even potentially their clients. Data breaches have far reaching and long lasting effects with immense costs. Regardless of what tech based service or product your small businesses provides, cyber insurance is a must to remain secure and to be able to weather potential issues. For more questions, visit our cyber liability insurance page or contact us.


Regional manufacturers are large clients for workman’s comp, property, and other basic types of insurance. Fleet vehicle insurance is common for manufacturers moving supplies between sites or sending service technicians to client sites for maintenance or repair. For any manufacturer that is handling client information, or has their own secrets, we offer a comprehensive business insurance package with cyber insurance elements that will protect against the damages of client data or industry secret losses. Industry secrets are a common target for even start ups. The attacks can occur from other competitors or from state actors looking to take advantage of the information to gain a competitive edge.

Service Industry and Retail

Local restaurants and retail businesses have many of their own liability concerns. From employee practice liability insurance to workers comp, and even cyber liability insurance. Unfortunately, any business that operates with access to credit card and other financial information must be PCI compliant. We offer specially tailored insurance packages that cover all the general areas of business insurance and include coverages for a PCI compliance check, or the damages of a potential breach.

Our Regional Insurance Advantage

When it comes to state by state regional insurance in the south west, we offer years of insurance experience, with customer service that beats the rest. We go out of our way to create the best customer experience for you. If you are looking for thorough and affordable business and personal coverages for your company and loved ones, we have the comparative advantage that allows us to get you the best coverage at the best cost. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to click the button below and ask away. We look forward to helping you reach your coverage dreams.